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Window Screens


It is important to repair any holes and or tears in your window screens. Any hole in your screen can let bugs and birds fly in. Keeping these critters out is beneficial and also important to your health. Fixing holes and tears in your screens is especially effective in keeping flies and mosquitoes out. 

Sun Control and Solar Screening

Ask about our quality Phifer solar screening products. Sun control screens absorb and dissipate heat from the sun before it hits the window glass or doors. This results in a cooler interior and utility savings. Studies predict as much as a 32% savings in your utility bills. 

We Repair:

  • Window screens and doors
  • New window screens
  • Re-screen windows and doors
  • Sliding screen doors
  • Swinging screen doors
  • Retractable screen doors
  • Patio enclosures
  • French door screens
  • Pet doors
  • Pet screens
  • Solar screens